Theory of Change 2024 (EN) - Shaping Europe


Key assumptions supporting the Theory of Change

  1. Young Europeans are receptive to learning about the European Union through free, accessible, and concise articles;
  2. Through the establishment of a robust publishing and social media strategy, Shaping Europe can achieve sustained and consistent growth in its readership over time;
  3. The target audience is eager to volunteer for Shaping Europe as long as they receive support, constructive feedback, opportunities for networking and social activities, in-person social events, flexibility to balance with full-time studies, and consider it valuable for their resume;
  4. Relying solely on online articles is insufficient to achieve the desired impact; it is essential to foster genuine connections among Shaping Europe’s volunteers, as well as organise physical events such as workshops;
  5. Providing education, inspiration, and activation to young Europeans leads to their sustained engagement in public discourse on various levels in Europe.
  6. While (substantial) financial funding is not an absolute prerequisite for achieving the desired impact, it would significantly expedite the process.
  7. Shaping Europe’s unique angle of focusing on Europe’s youth, makes it an interesting partner for other organisations.