As a volunteer run organisation, Shaping Europe is financially dependent on donations. By donating, you contribute to an accessible and European oriented medium, and critical European policy evaluations. In addition, Shaping Europe helps young European professionals to unite to create a stronger Europe together with the international community.

How is the money spent?

The money raised will mainly go towards administrative costs to keep Shaping Europe running smoothly. Such costs include, but not are not limited to: e website domains and server costs, website maintenance and an Adobe Shutterstock license. In addition, Shaping Europe needs funding to carry out core activities such as organising panels, workshops, and study visits to EU institutions.

Public benefit organisation (ANBI-status)

Shaping Europe is registered under Dutch law as an organisation with ANBI-status, meaning that the Dutch tax authority recognises us as a public benefit organisation. This means that a gift may be deductible from your Dutch tax filing.

We appreciate your support! Please choose the amount you'd like to support us with.