International Relations

De nieuwe race naar de maan - Shaping Europe

The new race to the moon

The European Union's position in the battle for our galaxy. In late August, a special event took place in the world of space exploration; India became the fourth country ever, after the former Soviet Union in 1959, the United States in 1969, and China in…
Fossielen als roofkunst? - Shaping Europe

Fossils as looted art?

The position of fossils in the debate about looted art. Looted art is a subject that has received increasing attention over the past few decades. Often this involves art objects that were taken from colonies and have since resided in European museums. There also exists…
Burden-Sharing and Solidarity: Why the EU fails to solve the Migrant Crisis

Burden-Sharing and Solidarity

Why the EU fails to solve the Migrant Crisis. In recent years, Europe has faced a significant migration crisis as millions of people have fled war, persecution, and poverty in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The crisis has placed a huge burden on countries…

Dictators and free markets, China and the EU

Opinion Piece Today our guest writer Henk Keilman provides his perspective on authoritarianism and capitalism in China and the West, arguing that despite China’s successes, in the long run only democratic countries will succeed in providing sustainable economic prosperity.  The EU and its predecessors were…
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